Meet the Mayor

Dear Friend, 

I am proud to call Charleston my home from birth. I love our city, its people and have been honored to serve as Mayor for the last 4 years. In 2015, Charleston was at a crossroads, do we continue down the path of aggressive expansion, or do we focus on the people that are here and the communities that they live in. I chose the latter, and I have worked every day to focus on our residents, both new and old, as we protect the beauty and history of Charleston without ignoring the best the present and future have to offer. 

With that goal in mind, we have accomplished a lot in my first term as Mayor. In short, we’ve kept crime low; responsibly managed our budget by keeping taxes low, while maintaining our AAA credit rating; protected our neighborhoods from short term rentals; revitalized our parks and playgrounds; invested millions of dollars to revitalize West Ashley’s business centers, greenways, and bikeways; helped secure $1 billion for traffic and transportation infrastructure improvements; raised over $40 million for affordable housing; And, most importantly, we’ve provided the City with the most comprehensive flooding and sea-level rise strategy in Charleston’s history.

We’ve done some great work the past four years, and I’m running for reelection with the commitment to continue the progress we’ve made in all of these areas. We must protect Charleston from flooding and sea-level rise, keep crime low and always seek to improve community-police relations, continue to restrict hotel development, continue to invest in our traffic infrastructure to increase mobility and neighborhood livability, and we must continue to improve the services our government provides. 

I sincerely believe that my vision and love for this city rests in my deep Charleston roots. Prior to being Mayor, I spent much of my career as a businessman and entrepreneur--a family legacy that began with the opening of my great-great-grandfather's corner grocery store at St. Phillip and Wentworth streets in 1867. In 1978, I founded Southern Oil Company, which I successfully owned and operated for nearly 20 years. Upon selling the business, I was appointed to serve as Director of Economic Development for the City of Charleston and helped lead the revitalization of Upper King Street.

I have seen this city grow, survive times of uncertainty, and then thrive afterward. There is no doubt in my mind that Charleston’s best days are ahead of us. My experience as your Mayor has shown me that no problem is too big to solve, and no person is too small to help. I humbly request that you join our mission to make Charleston the best place to live, work, worship and raise your family. 


Mayor John Tecklenburg

Mayor Tecklenburg holds a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. After graduating from Georgetown, he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston to pursue his lifelong passion for piano and jazz. Sandy and John Tecklenburg are the proud parents of five grown children - Melissa, Suzanne, Paula, Joseph and John Henry and Grandparents to 8. They currently live in the Old Windermere section of West Ashley.