Accomplishments as Mayor

Accomplishments as Mayor

In 2015, Mayor Tecklenburg brought together an overwhelming coalition of grassroots supporters to win a historic election. His vision was clear, clean and simple — increase the quality of life for everyday Charlestonians. Four years after his victory, Mayor Tecklenburg has kept Charleston safe, strong and successful. More specifically, he has; 

  1. Kept crime low, and increased neighborhood, community policing efforts;
  2. Combatted flooding. For the first time, we truly understand the complexity of Charleston’s 350 year flooding problem and have a comprehensive path forward; 
  3. Balanced tough budgets, maintaining a AAA credit rating, while keeping taxes low and increasing our City’s reserves to the highest level in our City’s history; 
  4. Put a lid on future hotel development in the peninsula and put enforceable short term rental regulations in place to keep our neighborhoods intact; 
  5. Increased our neighborhoods’ livability, began a focus and revitalization of West Ashley, renovated and built parks and playgrounds, built new fire stations, invested in public transportation, protected against unnecessary developments; 
  6. Helped lead the effort to add one billion dollars for infrastructure improvements to relieve traffic congestion and invest in public transit and safety improvements; 
  7. Put together over 40 million dollars for affordable housing that will help finance over 900 affordable apartments and homes in the City; And,
  8. Made our government more responsive and transparent with a city services hotline.

However, these is still work to be done. The Mayor’s platform for reelection is a continuance of his work to improve Charleston’s quality of life. The Mayor believes that we need to continue to; 

  • Make our city even safer, and always look to improve community-police relations; 
  • Keep taxes low and budgets balanced; 
  • Fight the existential threat of sea-level rise and flooding; 
  • Work to preserve our city’s history and beauty without ignoring the best the present and future have to offer; 
  • Increase our quality of life with neighborhood investments, and traffic and transportation relief; 
  • Make homes more affordable with responsible development approvals and increasing available funds for affordable housing; And,
  • Make our government more accessible, transparent and responsive to our citizens. 

None of these accomplishments could have been possible without the inclusion and support of the Charleston community. Mayor Tecklenburg’s success is rooted in his deep love and understanding for our city and its people. We hope you’ll join us as we continue our progress, one day at a time, one step at a time. 


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